i2u2 is supported on iOS & Android | i2u2 is shipping globally for $499

I am world's simplest telepresence robot

Interact, Monitor, Play & Move Around with your Family even
when you are not with them | Shipping globally for $ 499



Who am I

I am a telepresence robot & your companion. I can convert your smartphone or tablet into a smart, video enabled & navigable robot.

You can use me to move around & communicate with your family in the house. I can be controlled remotely with your mobile or PC via the internet.



Use me to

Be virtually present at home when you need to connect with your children or parents. Never miss an event or celebration just because you are stuck at a meeting or had to travel

Monitor your home efficiently by moving and looking around entire rooms; avoid blind spots that fixed cameras may have

How do I work

How I2U2 Works



My features





How do I look



The system consists of two parts
  • Controller App Remotely controls the Robot
    • Mobile App for Android & iOS
    • PC support soon

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  • Robot App Acts as the “head” for the Robot hardware
    • Runs on the Android/iOS Tablet
    • Connected to the Robot using Bluetooth

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Keep in touch with your children at home, while you are away.

Connect you with your colleagues and important meetings.

Help children play with grandparents, even if they live far away.